Facebook Status Update

This was posted as a status update on my Facebook  this morning.

Share my vulnerabilities. Not care what people think. More heart. Less ego. Resign from my job (sorry :)) Smile at everyone. Always Talk to strangers. Learn more and every day. Get a tattoo that says I LOVE digital. More calls less texts. Celebrate the small things every day. Tell that girl how I feel 😉 Video not status updates. Photos not text. Keep in touch with the people that matter. Give everyone I meet a gift. Like less, comment more deeply, and widely online. Always speak to people in elevators. Become comfortable at public speaking and share my knowledge with the world. Speak at conferences. Become a thought leader. Apologise to the people Ive hurt in person – if you don’t want to see me in person this will have to do. Never complain, never explain. Use Twitter daily. Use Pinterest daily. Live by the sea. Focus on what matters most and that’s not cash. Continue to love the people that have an issue with me, yes you (I love you 😉 really!). Spend time alone. Reflect often. Run. Run further. Run faster. Lift weights. Less drinks more restaurants. 🙂 Call an old friend. Call my family more. Resolve outstanding issues. Don’t procrastinate. Blog more. Blog more – yes this is going on my blog after FB. Thanks to the people I’ve shared with recently for helping me organise these thoughts – you know who you are……This really should have been a video status update.. 🙂


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