All We Have is the Present Moment

Does the cash in your bank account, your house, or the car you drive really make you happy?

As human beings all we really have is the present moment – nothing else.

If we’re distracted, or caught up in our thoughts then we fail to realize the potential of each moment. I’ve realized it’s the moment that matters, not the past or future. There is no point dwelling on either of these. To do so only prevents you from realizing the beauty and rarity of this moment.

Forging genuine and truly authentic relationships takes courage. The courage to reveal who you really are in all it’s glory. I say glory because who you are is not what you’ve done in the past, it’s who you are right now.

Every moment gives us the chance to connect and redefine who we are. Embrace that. It’s only when we shed our fear of being judged,  the concern we have around what people think, and share our vulnerabilities with another human being do we start to create amazing relationships grounded in authenticity.

Recently I’ve been focused on staying grounded in the present moment and truly connecting with people in an authentic manner.  With a commitment to this approach you can create deeper and more meaningful relationships with the people that matter.

I’m trying to shed my ego and be truly genuine. I’ve found that this takes discipline and a constant commitment to being real and honoring each moment, for the ego seems to be waiting to emerge at anytime.


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