As I Move Through Each Moment


As I move through each moment, each interaction, I’m trying to constantly focus on not placing myself by default at the centre of my existence. Instead I’m trying to shift my focus to others – their thoughts, feelings and emotions. To have empathy for their needs.

I’m constantly aware of the urge by default to operate from the perspective of self which is what I’m hard wired to do. This approach means I see myself and my needs at the centre of my own existence meaning that I’m consumed by what I personally need at that very moment. Taking me away from the moment itself.

Instead of focusing on me I’m making a concerted effort to stay present and place others and their existence at the centre of my focus and so far this is allowing me to create and nurture deeper and more meaningful connections with others and as a result receive significantly more from my interactions than just the satisfaction, self promotion or benefit of stimulating my own ego.

This blog post was inspired by David Foster Wallace and a commencement speech he gave to the graduates of Kenyon College in 2005. You can read it here. This is water.


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