How To Optimise Your Life

Getting Better Results – WINNING!

As we travel through life we obtain experience and knowledge. The quality of this knowledge and the experience itself also tends to have an effect on the results we get in the future.

How do we gain access to the knowledge and experience we need to get better results and optimise all areas of our lives?

Malcolm Gladwell stated that it takes 10,000 hours to become a specialist in a chosen field in his book Outliers.

Most of us don’t have 10,000 hours to devote to every area of our lives across Health, Business, Fitness, Nutrition, Financial, Spirituality, Relationships, Wealth Creation, Sex, Career and the pursuit of our interests so how do we shortcut this process and obtain the insight we need to optimise all areas of our lives and get better results?

I believe that the digital world, in particular social media and our relationships with those around us can help us achieve this and get better results in any area of our lives more rapidly.

The digital world provides us with information on anything (almost) on demand. Information and answers are only a Google search away. Devote enough time to sifting through search results, reading, collating and you’re on the way to understanding more about a chosen area.

Social Media allows us to connect with and follow thought leaders and industry experts. Gain access to what they’re thinking, reading, working on and devoting their life to.  Follow and connect with the right people and hopefully your accessing their insights.

The relationships you have in the real world should result in people sharing their knowledge and experience with you. Seek out people who have achieved what you want to or who are a specialist in a chosen field and gain access to their insights and advice.  Real and genuine insight and advice from those who have walked a similar path to the one you’re pursuing is sometimes hard to come by so if you find this treasure it.

Remember that knowledge doesn’t give you experience.  Experience is more highly prized. Implement the knowledge you obtain and learn from the experience.

You don’t know what you don’t know right? So why not take a moment and look at every aspect of your life and work on optimising it. Seek out the best knowledge, advice and insights you can find and put this into practice in your life.

This approach will help you get better results in the future.


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