The People You Spend Time With

The Big Chill

The Big Chill

Typically in any given friendship group there will be a mix of people from different professions and backgrounds. In addition to this most people have interests or worship something enough to be an almost subject matter expert.

For example, I have a friend and she has devoted a very large chunk of her life to nutrition – she has a desire to fuel her body and mind with optimal food and I’ve learnt more from talking to her over a Danae Butterfly’s Loamy Lingam than I could have ever hoped to have achieved with Google and 10,000 hours.

I have another friend who is an Accountant and without them I would have never been able to incorporate in a foreign country, travel the world and pay nearly no tax.

When I want to hit the hottest bars, restaurants or Sydney Harbour I catch up with my mate who is a trust fund kid thanks to dad buying half of Hastings St Noosa in the 70’s for what a shitty house in the outer suburbs of Sydney costs these days. He has access to a boat, rarely works and devotes his time to pleasure and leisure. He knows exactly where to go, whats hot and where to be seen around Sydney. He devotes his life to being cool.

Every time I get arrested I know exactly what to say (Which is nothing at all. That includes small talk.) and do (Again. Nothing) thanks to my mate who works in the legal profession.  As a result of this relationship I have also gained insight into just how the world of big business really works.

If I’m looking to do some trading I call my mate who is a stockbroker and get the inside word on what’s happening in the stock market. Over a few quite beers he’s taught me more about the market and what really goes on than I could have ever learnt from a weekend trading course.

If I’m bored with my fitness routine I hook up with my mate who is a Personal Trainer and we do Bondi to Coogee and back. While we run he will suggest a new routine and share information with me on how to get the best results from the time I spend training based on my objectives meaning I maximise the results I get.

If I’m looking to buy another property then a coffee with my mate who is a real estate agent saves me countless weekends reading the newspaper, traipsing the streets, and talking to real estate agents who usually don’t have my best interests in mind.

When I spent time in New York I went from Wall St to Washington Heights and back again. I met some interesting people and made many new friends who shared their lives, city and unique stories with me. This made my time there truly unique.

To make life really interesting a friendship group would have at least one of everything including a doctor, global wanderer, nutritionist, entrepreneur, writer, stripper, drug dealer, dentist, restaurateur, stock broker, accountant, recruiter, masseuse, farmer, banker, bum,  blogger, athlete, celebrity, venture capitalist, monk, artist, politician, Chinese doctor, arms dealer, people smuggler, politician, and rock star  –  you get the idea. This mix would make for a hell of a dinner party and some great conversation!

Having a diverse mix of friends also means you can access relevant and quality advice from someone you know and trust. Genuine friendship though is based on far more than just what people can do for each other – I’m not exploring the other contributing factors to great friendships here – you should already know what these are.

It’s a big bad world out there and the playing field is hardly ever level anymore. Having a friend who has devoted their life to a specific profession or subject and who is connected can also help you navigate life successfully. Good friends can also look out for each other’s interests and together will achieve much more than the individual alone.

The ability to make new friends and successfully meet new people are essential if you want to   succeed. Ideally you should be able to comfortably traverse different business and social settings and establish rapport with a diverse range of people from various professions and backgrounds. I’ve done it successfully all my life and it has led to some great friendships, incredible experiences, and opportunities.

Having a diverse mix of friends from various professions and backgrounds will make your life more interesting, give you access to more opportunities, position you to learn more and get better results whilst providing a richer life experience.

Who are the people you spend time with?



4 responses to “The People You Spend Time With

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  2. So true. I’d skip the drug dealer though and insist — living in the Wild West of U.S. capitalism where cheating is a sport — a very good and tough lawyer, or several. I find them invaluable.

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  4. The drug dealer is definitely optional @broadsideblog – I included the drug dealer because they could potentially if one was interested provide access to whatever products one had an interest in BUT also because they would most likely have some interesting stories to tell after a few glasses of red… 🙂

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