Are you winning “Good Business”?

Are you winning “Good Business”

When it comes to new business every organisation wants to win “Good Business”.

What’s “Good Business”?

  • Good business works for you and your client.
  • Good business aligns your organisation with great companies and people.
  • Good business has an acceptable risk profile. Remember “Profit is the reward for risk.”
  • Good business is scoped and priced appropriately.
  • Good Business ensures the resources required to deliver on your promise as a business are in place.
  • Good Business requires a transparent, mutually beneficial and synergistic relationship with your client.
  • Good Business doesn’t happen without good communication.
  • Good Business allows your people to produce their art.
  • Good Business is profitable. Always.
  • Good Business means you get paid. On time.
  • Good Business is the start of a long-term partnership with your client.
  • Good Business feels good.
  • Good Business positions your business to win more Good Business.

Are you winning “Good Business”?


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