Developing a digital marketing strategy for your business

Get the chalk out!

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do” Michael E. Porter

Since my recent post about the importance of social media for your business I’ve been asked about what else businesses need to take into account when it comes to digital marketing and how they can generate more sales and leads online.

Before you do anything at all it’s essential that you develop an overall digital strategy.

This should outline the goals, objectives, channels and overall approach that your business will take and the specific tactical strategies that you will deploy in order to facilitate a connection, cultivate engagement, and generate a conversion.

This connection can be with a fan, prospect, customer, or partner.

The engagement is cultivated and manifests within a channel of your audiences choosing.

The conversion can be a sale, lead, sign up, like, re tweet, share etc you get the picture…

A digital strategy for your business should be developed from the top down.

Start by reviewing your overall business objectives and what it is you do, why you do it and what your organisations purpose is.

Once you’ve done this you should have a clear picture of the end goal and what it is that you’re trying to achieve as an organisation.

From here you can start to define a complimentary strategy which outlines amongst other things the specific tactical approaches you will take in order to ensure you achieve your organisations end goal in the most effective manner possible.

When it comes to developing a digital strategy keeps the following in mind:

• Think audience not specific customers
• Experience is key
• Every strategy needs a champion internally
• You want to be liked and loved
• Pull not push
• It’s a conversation
• Cross channel is key
• Think brand not product
• Who owns the engagement?
• Measure. Measure. Measure.
• Don’t stay still…
• Why so serious? Make it fun!
• Effective execution is vital
• Hire a pro

We’re all striving for a 1 on 1 relationship with 7 billion customers and online provides us with the opportunity to achieve exactly that.

Develop and deploy an effective digital strategy and watch your sales, leads and revenue grow!

Oh and one more thing…. “Move fast and break things”.


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