Not getting what you want?

Would you rather be right or happy?

Would you rather be right or happy?

At some point in your life things are not going to work out as planned, you’re going to fail, or find yourself in conflict.

That relationship, business, job, project, investment, friendship, career, family, partnership, or event may come unstuck in spectacular fashion, disrupting your best laid plans and causing chaos!

What happens next?

It’s up to you.

Naturally, we often look to apportion blame, which is then usually accompanied by anger, bitterness, resentment, and rage.

None of these sensations are resourceful. They remove us from the present moment, are damaging to our health, and prevent us from moving forward, redefining, and achieving what we want.

Next time you’re challenged because you’re not getting what you want try reflecting, consider how you have actually contributed to your own circumstances, your current reality and what results you’re getting.

Things haven’t worked out? Not getting the results you want? Disaster has seemingly struck?

• Come back to the present moment.
• Realise that we’re all responsible in entirety for the results we get.
• Change your approach.
• Relinquish your ego.
• Remove the emotion; What’s left?
• Ask yourself; Would you rather be right? Or happy?
• Forgive.
• Move forward; Don’t stay still.

Have a good day, or better still; moment.


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