Introduction: My 40 days to personal revolution.

Rinsed Bliss : ParallelLiving : JimmyFlorida

Rinsed Bliss : ParallelLiving : JimmyFlorida

I’ve been practicing hot power Vinyasa Yoga for some time now. This style of Yoga is a dynamic combination of strength, sweat, and spirituality. I love it. I’m addicted.

It’s helped me build strength, discipline, focus, and had a positive impact on every area of my personal and professional life.

I have found that my commitment to Yoga has grown in correlation to the benefits which have begun to manifest in my life as a result of my practice.

Having had a remarkable experience to date with Yoga I have recently made the commitment to participate in a 40 day Yoga challenge developed by Baron Baptiste, founder of the Power Yoga institute and Yoga teacher to celebrities and athletes.

The program is designed to radically change the body and awaken the sacred soul within, promising to be the catalyst for a personal revolution!

Bring on the revolution!

When I found out about the 40 day Yoga challenge I immediately said yes, count me in! I was excited and looking forward to refining my practice within the beautiful community that was developing at my local Yoga studio, Yoga Loft Newcastle.

The program requires Yoga practice 6 days per week, daily meditation, a suggested diet, including a 3 day juice cleanse and exploration of the self through a series of excavation questions designed to shine a light on the self.

It all sounded pretty straight forward to me and I felt good about my ability to complete the 40 day program however I also had doubts.

I was worried about my body’s ability to support daily Yoga practice, concerned about my strength, the time commitment required, and nervous that I wouldn’t have enough time for my business and current postgraduate study for my MBA.

What follows on will be an account of my experience during the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program, my journey, continued transformation, and the insights that arise from the state of rinsed bliss.

I will post an update at the end of each week over the 6 weeks.

To read my post from Week 1 click here.

See you on the mat!


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