Week 2: My 40 days to personal revolution

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Yoga for me is for life. It’s changed my life – through connecting the physical with the spiritual, and allowing me to continue to build strength, energy, discipline and mental resilience.

As soon as I’m on the mat I have the opportunity to play, confront the challenges I face in my life, deal with unwanted sensations, and position myself for personal exploration.

This week I have settled into the routine of daily Yoga practice. The Asana’s have become easier and as a result I’ve been able to challenge myself through choosing to reach a little further, stay a little longer, maintain stillness, and get outside of my comfort zone which is where the magic happens!

“You don’t have to go anywhere.”

The focus of the 40 day program this week has been on “Vitality”. There is a belief in our culture that we have to get away or go somewhere exotic to rejuvenate or re discover our “Vitality”. In his book “40 Days to personal revolution” Baron Baptiste refers to “Vitality” as the energy that arises when we live a life of enlightened knowledge and action.

As a result of choosing to live our lives like this we feel strong, energized, and capable of anything.

For me “Vitality” in my life is the result of:

1. Loving my mind and body
2. Living passionately, authentically and with integrity
3. Sleeping well
4. Exercising every single day
5. Nourishing my body with the right fuel
6. Meditating daily and staying present
7. Cultivating feelings of compassion
8. Amazing sex, regularly
9. Being brave and always challenging myself
10. Making time for fun
11. Spending time outside

How do you achieve “Vitality” in your life?

This week I feel like I’m starting to flow, moving through the Asana’s with strength and grace. I have faced less resistance from my body as my mental resilience and strength has increased. I’ve looked with envy at the tone and definition of my instructors arms for some time now and I’m delighted that I’m starting to achieve this myself!

I’ve completed the required six hot Yoga classes and meditated twice each day. I’ve been challenged with my meditation finding that the busier life gets the more resistance I face to sit, be still, and meditate, however this is exactly when I need to make the time!

I skipped a few morning meditation sessions this week as I was eager to commence the day and as a result I was less focused, procrastinated, and less productive. After noticing this I made the time later in the day for meditation and following experienced a renewed ability to focus, greater sense of presence, and calmness.

This week I’ve focused on eating mindfully. Being more aware of the process of preparing, eating, and enjoying food. I have been thinking more about what I put into my body, and have spent time preparing clean, nourishing, healthy food in advance for the week ahead – this includes plenty of vegetables, fruit, grains, red meat, fish, and some staple dishes like brown rice, dahl, and quinoa. Preparing meals in advance has allowed me to steal back some time in the evenings which has increased my productivity allowing me to fit more into each day.

The week concluded with the 40 day group meeting at Yoga Loft Newcastle. People were smiling, connecting, and sharing their experiences over the last week. Our instructors led a discussion on what had been coming up for participants and I was inspired by the willingness of people to share openly and their progress.

The experience for all in the group so far seems to have been positive. There was definitely a strong sense of “Vitality”, energy, and rejuvenation present in the room with many people that I spoke to commenting on the positive impact that the 40 day program is having on their lives and guess what?

No one had to go anywhere to experience this!

I look forward to sharing my experience at the conclusion of week 3.

See you on the mat!


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