Week 6: My 40 days to personal revolution

Week 6: My 40 days to personal revolution | ParallelLiving.net

Week 6: My 40 days to personal revolution | ParallelLiving.net

Triumph! I’ve successfully completed Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program. The final week has been a pleasure. Daily studio practice has been accompanied by a sense of energy, vitality, and achievement as the 40 Days to Personal Revolution group has flowed and meditated their way to enlightenment and continued transformation!

There wasn’t a transformation for me as such but rather a whole series of mini transformations throughout the six week program. The journey was punctuated with moments of clarity, connection to my inner self, and “ah huh” or light bulb moments that have all fueled the continuing process of self-actualisation. If you haven’t started the process of self-actualisation yet then I highly recommend Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution program as it has been a catalyst, propelling me further into the wonderful top level of Maslow’s hierarchy

The 40 Days to Personal Revolution program presented the whole spectrum of human emotions for me including joy, frustration, pain, bliss (rinsed!), fatigue, elation, content, connection, doubt, peace, resistance, and happiness. It was challenging at times, and beautiful at others. Mostly beautiful. It has helped me further embed daily Yoga and meditation practice into my life. I’ve made new friends and joined a beautiful community of Yogi’s at Yoga Loft Newcastle. As a result of the program my body is toned and athletic, and my mind sharper. I have evolved further possessing the knowledge and discipline required to live a life of purpose, vitality, and equanimity.

The daily meditation has further reinforced for me that I need to ensure I regularly slow down. Stop. Take the time to look around. Connect with my inner self. Sit with my feelings whether they are joy or pain. I’ve learnt that we need to create space between the events in our life in order to allow transformation, insights, or evolution.

The greatest insight for me was delivered during the final Yoga practice on day 40 of the program. Whilst I was laying on the floor in Pigeon, pushing through the resistance my body was presenting, and struggling to relax into the Asana I had a moment of clarity or “rinsed bliss”. My sub conscious mind delivered a simple yet powerful insight and in that moment I smiled and started laughing out loud. I was elated. Joy washed over me. The insight was so profound yet extraordinarily simple. The ramifications for me were monumental. In that moment everything came together on the mat.

Yoga’s like that – it  connects you with your true self, positions you to grow, and enriches your life.

My local Yoga studio, Yoga Loft, delivered an exceptional experience with the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program. Thank you. I have experienced Yoga at several other studios nationally and the experience at Yoga Loft is unrivaled. The teachers at Yoga Loft are committed, passionate, and unparalleled in their approach, injecting their personalities, and unique Yoga style into the Vinyasa Power Yoga classes. This comes as a result of their accreditation and training with Baron Baptiste himself and also Duncan Peak at Power Living, one of Australia’s other leading Yoga studios.

The 40 Days to Personal Revolution has further connected me with the beautiful community of Yogi’s and teachers at my local studio and it’s been pleasures watching the other participants complete the program, the transformation evident in all who have taken part. Everyone looks fitter, healthier, happier, with most people having lost weight, toned up, increased their energy levels, and made lots of new friends around the Yoga studio.

Baron Baptiste says we should “share what’s worked for us” and hopefully as a result of ParallelLiving.net and this series of Blog posts covering my experience with the “40 Days to Personal Revolution Program” you have been inspired to explore what’s possible for you with Yoga.

“Man is most himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play” Heraclitus

In week 1 of the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program I set out to: “to focus on taking myself lightly, to have more fun, to laugh more, connect more, and continue the transition from a complete Type A to partial type B personality!”

I’ve definitely achieved this and more, being continuously surprised with outcomes never expected.

This isn’t the end. Only the beginning. The 40 Days to Personal Revolution program has allowed me to establish a solid physical and spiritual foundation in Yoga. Yoga has become my touchstone. My practice symbolizes the spiritual quality of a solid, unbreakable foundation that strengthens me, sharpens my mind, and importantly allows me to have fun. All I have to do is roll out my mat!

Hope to see you on the mat!


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