Part 2: How to make 2013 your best year yet!

"If you want something give it" Deepak Chopra

“If you want something give it” Deepak Chopra

Smile more
When we smile it shows others that were feeling good. It also makes you feel good. People will naturally be more attracted to you when you’re smiling. People want to be around other happy people. It’s also a precursor to laughter….

Laugh more
Laughing is good for you. It makes you feel good and results in the release of feel good endorphins. The benefits are scientifically proven and overwhelming. Laughter also results in connection, strengthens rapport, and takes us back to a joyful, playful state. Perhaps consider improving your sense of humour by beginning to create space for humour where there is none or begin to laugh at yourself…

Get fit
Make this the year you get fit or improve your fitness. Choose a sport, join a gym, get a trainer, take up Yoga, and importantly make a connection – research tells us that if you connect with 2 or more people within a community you are significantly more likely to stay focused and involved for the long term! If your already fit challenge yourself and commit to an event like a marathon, triathlon, or Tough Mudder (see you here :)). Your mind and body will thank you for it. You will have more energy, get better results, increased self-confidence and look better!

Optimise your diet
Most people have no idea how good their supposed to feel, cut out and minimise the nasties like processed foods, sugar, and salt and watch your outlook, energy levels, and quality of life improve. Start by looking at your eating habits over the course of a week and then sit down with a nutritionist and allow them to help you formulate an approach to eating that is going to help you get the best results based on your situation. Leave some space to eat what you want. I swear by the weekend rule…. You should also get educated, buy some nutrition books, and subscribe to some healthy eating/lifestyle websites. Start to understand what you’re putting into your body because it’s true – you are what you eat!

Practice compassion and patience.
Practising compassion results in increased well-being. It’s been proven by scientists. You can read about it here. Recently I was challenged and encouraged to not only focus on cultivating compassion but also patience. The thinking is that your not supposed to be able to master everything immediately therefore when your frustrated and impatient realise that this is creating suffering and agitation within. When this happens remind yourself that insight and change will come when you’re ready and that you’re exactly where you need to be in this moment. This will create greater peace of mind and allow you to more effectively achieve what you’re focusing on in a sustainable manner.

Contribute and get involved
If you want something give it. Help a neighbour out. Volunteer some time to a cause you’re passionate about. Join a sporting, interest, hobby group, or community and get involved. Focus on others and watch how beautifully enriched your life becomes as a result. What we give we get.

Practice mindfulness
This involves lightly focusing your attention on what’s happening in each moment and trying to holistically experience each activity, interaction, movement, sensation, and conversation, rather than allowing your mind to wander. Mindfulness also makes you happy just ask Matt Kilingsworth who conducted a study involving 15,000 people… you can watch his TED talk here.

Do more of what you love
Need I say more?

This is a two part post. If you missed Part 1 it’s here.


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