Things successful people do

Things successful people do differently |

Things successful people do differently |

Stay positive and choose to be awesome

A positive mindset and outlook will set the tone for your experience. No matter what happens stay positive, find the silver lining or the lesson and keep moving forward. “If you hit a wall, go over it” :).  As Winston Churchill said “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Take action

This is probably the most important habit of successful people. They do. If you don’t know what to do then do something, start somewhere, and pivot as you learn. Through doing you will grow, learn, evolve and further opportunities will arise.

Define yourself

You are, and become what you repeatedly do.  So take the time to define yourself, make a conscious choice about whom and what you want to be and get to work on doing! This is how you become. Live at cause and not effect.

Maintain balance

Ensure you make time for friends, family, fitness, diet, career, enterprise, and spirituality. You can’t expect to achieve exceptional results whilst neglecting other areas. Realise that a balanced approach may mean that it takes you longer to achieve what you want in one particular area – but that’s the price you will have to  pay to have it all.. and yes you can have it all.

Do what you love

Find what you love and do it. The rewards will follow. Believe.

Personal analytics

Take the time to define goals, objectives and an action plan and then measure and track your progress. Review and adjust accordingly. Remember, if you can measure it then it can be managed!

Who are you spending time with?

They say we become like the people who we spend the most time with so choose your company carefully… thanks to the internet you can now choose to spend time regularly with amazing people through blogs, videos, TED talks,  and tweets so don’t just settle for who you have immediate access to..  Go straight to the thought leader within your area of interest and immerse yourself.

Make great decisions

Great leaders, people, and managers make good decisions! It’s the decisions you make that will ultimately determine the outcomes you get so take the time to carefully collect data, analyse the options, take into account the associated bias’, variables and then choose wisely – but don’t take too long..

Genuinely care

This makes all the difference. Invest your time and energy into relationships, projects and partnerships that mean something to you. Your commitment will be obvious and result in rapport and results.

Fail often and fast

Through a commitment to action and actually doing it becomes inevitable that you will make mistakes but take the lessons learned and integrate this into your future approach.

Commit to personal growth

Choose to commit to personal growth. This means getting outside of your comfort zone… But what does that really mean? It means when you’re afraid, anxious, nervous, unsure and it’s something that’s new and unfamiliar then you should acknowledge the fear and do it anyway. This is how you will grow and get better resources.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Don’t complicate matters, keep it simple.


Choose something you can be the best at and focus on it. Avoid distractions.

Focus on productivity

Work smart not hard. Do the most important things first. Focus on activities that will get you results.

What you get is what you give

Leave your ego at the door. Contribute and do so without expecting recognition and reward and watch what happens.

Profit is the reward for risk

Understand and manage risk. Adjust your plans and expectations accordingly taking into account the risk profile of any situation.

Work hard

Once you’ve figured out what you want commit to it and be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices to achieve your goals – keep in mind that you ideally want to take a balanced approach though!


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